Still Feel Gone

All I ever needed to know about sex I learned from Monkey Island.


Good news!


Good news!

Plague doctors were employed in various methods whenever plague set in. The earliest documentation of these individuals being hired go as far back as the mid 500s AD. The plague doctor image that we as a general public are familiar with was not seen until the 1600s. It was then that the “traditional” plague doctor costume was created. The costume consisted of a cloak made of heavy fabric covered in wax to protect the doctor’s body, and a mask to keep out the sick air. The masks had a long cone shaped structure at the nose, to be filled with scents that would protect the doctor from the bad air.

I’m not sure why, but I find plague doctors to be fascinating. Maybe it’s because they remind me of Spy vs. Spy…

I love Fall. The foliage, the crisp air, hockey, football, playoff baseball, flannel, Halloween, “bringing the beard back”, and of course: it makes my “Fall music” sound even better.

It’s hard for me to describe what Fall music is to me, it’s usually alt-country or really catchy punk stuff. However some people are puzzled because I generally listen to that stuff year round. I just believe that bands like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, The Lawrence Arms, Gaslight Anthem, Wilco, Drag The River (to name a few) just sound better this time of year. 

For your listening pleasure I provided a link to Son Volt’s “Loose String” killer song from a killer album (seriously, you must hear Trace is you haven’t. It’s on Spotify. DO IT!)

Enjoy the weather, folks. And lets keep our fingers crossed for no NHL lockout.

I discovered that the girl I started seeing at the beginning of last month has made my ringtone on her phone “Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble?” by Lucero.

I think she may be a keeper.

I guess I’ll start using this thing again. It’s been a while. So much shit, so much changes in internet access. But I’m back! I know no one cares so here’s a video of a monkey riding a dog.

Fap responsibly.

At first I thought it was serious. As I read on I detected that it was tongue in cheek. Of course with some people, one never really knows.

A New Home In The Old World is hands down my favorite album of 2011. If you haven’t listened to Austin Lucas before, I strongly recommend doing so. Some people may not like him for being “too country” or something like that, but that’s narrow minded buffoonery. The guy has so much heart and a hell of a voice.

One of the best shows on television. Period. Haters gonna hate…